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Producer's Wife: Bill Cosby Raped Me, Too

Producer's Wife: Bill Cosby Raped Me, Too

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(NEWSER) – The latest Bill Cosby accuser: Cindra Ladd, a former entertainment exec and wife of producer Alan Ladd Jr. In a Huffington Post column, she writes that she met Cosby in 1969, when she was 21 and he was 32, and gave him her number. He was married, but they started "hanging out," and he was always "a perfect gentleman." Until one night when they met at an apartment Cosby said belonged to a friend. Ladd had a headache, and he gave her a capsule he said was a "miracle cure."

When she asked what it was, he simply said, "Don't you trust me?" After taking it, as she walked to a movie with Cosby, she felt like she was floating, but much of the evening is "a blur." What she does remember: "waking up the next morning nude in the bed of his friend's apartment and seeing Cosby wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe and acting as if there was nothing unusual."

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